best breeds

We’re often asked what are the best breeds for scent detection. Our response is always those that like to work. Our breeding colony consists of Labrador retrievers and other working breeds that fit this profile. All of our dogs share the following traits:

  • An acute sense of smell

  • An innate curiosity in finding an object that’s out of sight

  • A natural tendency to hunt by smell alone

  • A high degree of stamina and advanced agility

  • Positive response to being rewarded for learning

  • Motivation to chase an object or smell

  • Consistent day-to-day behavior

exceptional qualities

These exceptional qualities don’t amount to any degree of safety and protection without the proper training. That’s why our methods are just as important as the breeds we choose. Rooted in the highest standards of care, quality and professionalism, our training touches on a variety of areas:

  • Weaning puppies are required to sit before receiving a meal or a toy.

  • All puppies are socialized in a variety of environments.

  • Their daily routine includes fetch, find, climb and other developmental activities.

  • Proper obedience is taught through operant conditioning with positive reinforcement and simple direct association.


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