Teaming up to keep you safe.

Inside and outside threats to workplaces, events, schools, college campuses, and places of worship are only increasing. That’s why it’s critical to not wait until something catastrophic happens.

Our K9 Teams are made up of highly skilled handlers partnered with our American bred and raised dogs specifically trained for scent-detection. We know our canines’ lineage and medical history which means the highest-quality canines are protecting your facility. Our teams undergo continuous rigorous testing and are nationally certified.

As a private security firm, we make safety a priority for your community. And that’s something you can’t live without.

Depending on your situation and needs, we offer both short- and long-term contracts.

Since we have embarked with Elite Detection K9, the staff have felt more secure, the patients and families have positive feedback, and the K9 team does so much more than keep our campus safe! Dakota, the canine, along with Lisa, her handler, have gone above and beyond our expectations. They visit hospice and other patients and families, assist security with issues, walk the floors, and are seen as a positive change to the hospital culture.
— Margaret Dimond, PhD, President and CEO at McLaren Oakland