The security and protection our dogs offer depend on volunteer families who provide host homes for breeding stock moms and dads.

Breeding stock dogs are chosen based on their lineage, history, health and temperament. Simply put, these moms and dads could make excellent scent-detection dogs themselves.

Become a Host Family

To protect our great country, consider becoming a breeding stock host. Not only will you and your family have fun volunteering, you’ll also get a sense of pride knowing you’re contributing to the future safety of communities across our nation. All host families receive the following support from Elite Detection K9:

  • Guidance through whelping (or birthing)

  • Complimentary boarding when you go on vacation (during the breeding life of the dog)

  • Quarterly educational meetings where you’ll meet other breeding host homes

  • The option to adopt a mom after she retires (usually at four years of age)

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Learn how you can become a host family.