Elite Detection K9 was founded on the belief that everyone, wherever they may go, should feel safe and protected at all times.

But as global and domestic threats continue to increase, that sense of security is being jeopardized.

Because it’s critical to discern danger before it happens, the need for high-quality, American bred scent-detection dogs is greater than ever. Due to high demand, too many businesses, schools, and public venues must protect their people and surroundings without these heroic partners.

That’s where we come in. Elite Detection K9 was created specifically to breed, raise and train scent-detection dogs. Along with providing a strong and capable K9 team, we also bring a high level of trust, efficiency and accountability to partnerships with our clients.

Helping to protect their community and the people in it is a duty our clients take very seriously. Helping them to achieve that is something we take equally as seriously.


Discover the Elite Detection Difference.